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Digital Workplace

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Digital Workplace

The way we work has changed drastically. Never before have we seen the need to cater to the requirements of flexibility, mobility and collaboration of our workers to the extent we see today. And this is only going to increase further given the advent of assistive technologies like Generative AI.


A digital workplace combines different technologies, tools and processes to enable employees to work from anywhere using any device at any time enhancing productivity and team work.

Hybrid Work

Users have the flexibility of getting their work done without any compromises irrespective of whether they are working from office, home, a co-working space or even a vacation destination as long as they are able to connect to the organisation’s applications and data that they need to get their work done.


End User Devices

Employees can access authorised applications and data using any device, company provided or personal (BYOD) or third party through authorised interfaces (web or app) provided they meet the necessary security protocols.

Desktop as a Service

As the name suggests, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) allows organisations to use the cloud to deliver virtual desktops over the internet. Users access these desktops through thin clients, web browsers or dedicated client software. The major advantages of a DaaS set up is that users can access the virtual desktops from any internet enables device irrespective of the operating system or hardware configuration. The management of the entire set-up is centralised. Desktops can be easily provisioned, configured, updated and monitored through a centralised management console. Since the entire infrastructure is on the cloud, resources can be scaled up or down on the fly and the cost incurred is based solely on the consumption of the resources.


Digital Workplace solutions put together by Compass IT Solutions & Services Pvt. Ltd., ensure that the end users of our customers get the quality of service they desire when they are accessing the applications, data and communication tools made available to them using any device, from any location, at any point in time maintaining the security posture of the organisation, thereby enhancing individual and team productivity.  


Meet Our Acclaimed Partners

We are proud to partner and collaborate with some of the world’s leading IT companies, including VMware and Amazon AWS. If you would like to learn about how Networking and Securty can improve your business, contact us today!


COMPASS delivers you the right solution for you and your business.